This is a page dedicated to my father, Al Thorwaldson, and my mother, Cathlyn. I know that if he and she were alive today, they would own one of my fans and they would add their testimonial here.

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Al died in January 1945 after a malfunction in his airplane made him turn left early and crash into a mountain while dropping rice to the workers on the Burma road. Al was a pilot for China National Airline Corporation (CNAC).

My mother, Cathlyn, married Al in 1943 in Visalia, California but Cathlyn’s mother, a devout Catholic, demanded they have a proper wedding and that took place in Montana on May 1, 1943.

Cathlyn Schabel

Al and Cathlyn May 1, 1943

Al was both a radio personality and a writer

Al did this pen and ink while at North Dakota Agricultural College and signed it THOR and dated it 4/29/40