Mark Edwards in Australia

By Mark Edwards, Founder of Aussie Whole House Fans

In 2016 I was looking for a way to save money by reducing my air conditioning cost. I live just west of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia, and the average temperature here in the heat of summer is over 26 degrees centigrade (79 F) through all of December, January and February. The peak is over 28 C (82 F).

I work out of my home like many others, so I was forced to run air conditioning nearly all day and into the night. I discovered Kurt’s Australian web site,, and his innovative new attic mounted whole house fan. Until then the only whole house fans were the noisier ceiling mounted ones that have been around for over 100 years in the US and for about 30 years in Australia.

I purchased Kurt’s Model ES-6400 which is designed to pull 6,320 CFM through a 20 inch shell at just 505 watts. It is mounted by hanging it from a bar attached to two rafters so it was easy for me to install. It is connected to my ceiling by a simple 20 inch flexible duct.

In order to minimize the cost of his fan in Australia Kurt located suppliers here and gave me all the design details to enable me to assemble his invention in Australia. I modified his design to meet the requirements here and opened up to help sell them here.

One of his suppliers is CSR Edmonds in Seven Hills, New South Wales, near Sydney. When Allan Ramsay, export sales manager at Edmonds, heard that Kurt was asking for a quote, he called Kurt to ask why. When Allan learned about Kurt’s expertise in building ventilation, he assigned Kurt to be his United States Distributor for the Edmonds Hurricane and ECOPower lines of rooftop ventilators. Kurt opened and signed on Greenheck and LorenCook reps in 27 states. Kurt saw that the Hurricane rooftop turbine would be an excellent way to revolutionize the rooftops in the US. He added it to his whole house fan design and brought out the highest performance rooftop mounted whole house fan in history, his ER-8000.  It is perfect for mobile homes and mid century modern homes and homes like those in New Mexico with flat roofs and no attics.

In 2014 Kurt contacted Jonathan Hill, a 30 year solar power veteran in northern CA, to discuss the value of adding whole house fans to solar systems. Jonathan wrote a white paper, “Reduce the Cost of Solar Power by $10,000 or More with a Whole House Fan” You can see it at:

Kurt has been talking to solar power suppliers for years to educate them about Jonathan Hill’s analysis and to show how solar systems can be offered at much lower prices. He is the owner and editor of where you can see all the whole house fan sources around the world.

About my experience, I find that my air conditioning usage is down by over 90%.