If you have no attic you have not been able to get a rooftop mounted whole house fan until now.  The new ER-8000 is a 20 inch diameter shell that works with industry standard roof flashing. The assembly comes with a FAMCO gravity damper built into the shell.

An important design feature is that the Tornado turbine has two high performance bearings at the top of the shaft – two sealed stainless steel ball bearings 3-1/2 inches apart. 

Below is an artist’s conception of the new ER-8000. It uses the new Tornado rooftop ventilator – a rotating turbine with vertical blades that offer the best air flow possible. 

This drawing shows the recommended installation in a roof.  The bottom section is a 20 inch diameter shell with gravity operated damper flaps inside. 

Wiring is made easy because the AC power wires and the speed control wires are inside the shell and come out the bottom. 

Here is a picture of a rooftop in final test. This new Tornado top has 8,005 CFM flowing through it and it is turning at just 300 RPM. 

This Tornado rainproof top is the most effective rain hat in history because it allows perfect air flow at all motor speeds and perfect rain deflection. Note that if there is no wind then rain falls straight down and off the top. If there is any wind the turbine rotates and the blades deflect rain drops. Note that the motor has infinitely variable speeds so it can be run at just 10% of top speed and the power in watts is almost exactly 10% of full power or about 50 watts. 

Model CFM Dia   Price Power in Watts
ER-8000 8005 20   2224.40 505

Installation is the same as putting a simple pipe through your roof. In this case the pipe is our 20 inch diameter shell with motor and blade inside. The rain hat is mounted on top of the motor and blade shell. This work should be done by a licensed roofing contractor and you can find one locally in almost every city in the world. The shell with the motor and blade can be on top of your roof or below it. The assembly includes a damper so air cannot fall down when the motor is off.

If you are concerned about the look of the rain top on your roof you can ask for a surround to make it look like a chimney. There are many variations available. The same is true in your home. You can ask for a cabinet to match your other cabinets to hide the steel shell with the motor inside. 

This fan is very quiet. It was measured at just 61 Db  when 15 feet away.

This page revised 9-26-18