5,300 or 8,500 CFM from our new sources for 2020

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Here are two pictures that show how well this fan is built. Look at the motor mounts. 6 aerodynamically shaped braces and two strong steel straps hold the 3/4 horsepower motor dead center and straight for perfect air flow. The 5 big propeller blades harness the horsepower to move air faster than any other fan built today. 


This optional speed control dial shows your speed selection and the 12 hr timer shows the time. 

Now you can save a lot if you do it yourself (DIY)

Below is our smaller ES-3200 with HVI-916 results at 3,120 CFM. This fan gives you excellent air flow at just 505 watts full speed. It is available only as a kit and is easy to assemble to save you a lot of money. As an example, the VentCool Summit 3.4 pulls 3,342 CFM and costs $1,239.00. This ES-3200 kit cost is $895.

Above is the heart of this new high performance whole house fan. 

Why is this the best fan you can find?
No other source offers you infinitely variable speeds. .
No other source offers you a 16 year warranty. 

The ES-3200 is very quiet when hanging from your rafters. It has a damper built in to prevent cold air from falling down in the winter. And you can see the hanging bracket below that makes installation a breeze. The large picture shows how well the motor mounting brackets center the motor and hold it in perfect position above the internal air damper flaps. The brackets have steps that position the motor straight and level. The motor is held by 2 strong stainless steel straps. The propeller has 8 blades each with a 50 degree bite for maximum air flow. It is balanced perfectly to eliminate all vibration at all speeds. 

PATENT IS PENDING – here is the secret to the performance 

The heart of this incredible performance is the patent pending motor and blade combination. The modern EC motor (electronically commutated) made by US Motors has an incredible amount of available power – called “torque” – and it is made to be able to put out more power than its design parameter (1/2 HP) under special circumstances. That is, if it is cooled by enough air flow, it can put out more than the 1/2 horsepower that it is rated for. In this design it is putting out about .65 HP but is running very cool. 


Above is the fan with hanger and to the right is the damper flap in the center. 


Above is the frame and grille for under the ceiling and the duct on a ring for over the clg. 

Here are the technical specifications 
Air flow variable from 50 CFM to full speed using a dial like a light dimmer. 
Input AC 120 VAC 1 Phase
Input AC power varies from 50 watts to 505 watts maximum at full speed. 
Unit comes in 3 parts: 

  1. Main body with motor, blade and damper is 20 inches diameter by 23 inches long. It is suspended from two rafters using the supplied bar and hanger. It has an electrical box with a 6 foot AC input cord and plug plus a terminal for connection of low voltage thermostat wire for the 3 wire speed control. 
  2. Flexible HVAC duct is 20 inches diameter by 8 feet long.
  3. Ceiling mounted flange has 22 inch round white frame (shown above) under the 20 inch diameter opening in the ceiling that has the 1/2 inch thick  cube core grille. On top is a 20 inch diameter duct collar for connecting the flexible HVAC duct. 

Here is a nice install in Salt Lake City – This was done by Casey in 2015.
You can see more testimonials here – TESTIMONIALS

Above is the fan hung from the rafters and below is the intake grille and frame.