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Get The Best Air Flow in America AND a Rooftop for homes with no attic

Thorwaldson offers you the high performance VentCool Summit 4.9 with 5,202 CFM for quiet cool rafter mounting

VentCool emerged in 2016 as a leader in the whole house fan business with 3 product lines, their Tahoe line of PSC motor based fans, their Summit line with EC motors, and their Vista line that adds motorized dampers to the Summit line. 

Of the 3 lines, we chose the Summit to offer you – why? First, the EC motor is more efficient than the PSC motor, saving you energy cost. Second, the motorized damper is a nice feature but not necessary in most homes. The Summit’s gravity damper works perfectly except in very unusual weather. The purpose of a damper is to prevent cold air from falling into your home in the winter. Gravity does a fine job of holding it closed. So you can now order the Summit 4.9 from us to get the best after sale service you can find. 

Thorwaldson offers you the high performance VentCool Summit 4.9 with a rooftop rain hat for homes witout attics

The Thorwaldson ER-8000 is now being shipped with the high performance VentCool 4.9 motor and blade under a new high performance rainproof top. We expect the air flow to be over 8000 CFM when it is tested to HVI-916 as required by the California Energy Commission. 

We are launching a GoFundMe program to give you a way to buy our new design at a huge discount

You can see the program here –

Below left is the VentCool fan reduced to fit 20 inch duct – To the right is the Thorwaldson 24 inch duct. It is this design that is the heart of the GoFundMe program. 


24 inch blade+20 inch duct = 5,202 CFM                  24 inch blade+24 inch duct = unknown 

No other source offers you infinitely variable speeds
No other source offers you a 10 year in home repair warranty on the rafter mount.
No other source offers you all that air flow at only  850 watts