If you want to install your whole house fan so it can be removed without damage to the home you are renting you can take these actions to make it so. We just installed one in a home in Temecula. The hatchcover is in the master bedroom closet so it is hidden at all times. All the renter needs to do is open the doors. The latest fans come with wireless speed and on/off controllers so this fan was simply plugged into an attic AC outlet.

  1. Install the 20 inch diameter return air duct in the attic access hatch cover. This way you can replace the hatch cover at very low cost when you move. Below are pictures of the install.

Hatch and duct

Below the hatch is just being lowered into  place. It will be cheap to replace when the renters move.

Hatch in rental

Note how simple the hanger bracket is. The square tube has lag screws at each end and was put in place first. Then the fan was simply lifted to hang on the tube.

2017 fan on hanging