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“AutoWin” control for remote window opening

Many homeowners want to use their smart phone remote controls to turn on their whole house fans before the owner gets home. That has required that the homeowner leave one or more windows open when they leave the house. If they have a 2 story home that might be OK, but in a one story that can be a security problem.

Now, with the Thorwaldson Model AutoWin the homeowner can know that their windows are locked when they leave their home. The AutoWin is a motorized actuator that holds the window securely closed until it is actuated by a sensor at their whole house fan system. Then it opens the window but not enough to allow a person to enter. It opens just enough for the right air flow to cool their home.

Here are pictures of how it works and more information – Here 


Here is what you want, right? A good breeze coming in your window! This is Gearard at his home in Murrieta, CA after he got a powerful whole house fan installed by us. 

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The 16 manufacturers of whole house fans – their models, performance and prices. 
A trick to make a mobile home cooler at no cost. 

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2021 – You now have a system for your attic and one for your rooftop if you have no attic :


Here are the features no one else has:

  1. World’s first high flow rooftop whole house fan. 
  2. Infinitely variable speeds. 
  3. Speed control that is simple and shows the speed. 
  4. Attractive round frame for your ceiling – comes in white and can be painted. 
  5. Gravity operated butterfly damper built in to the main fan assembly.
  6. Preassembled duct with quick connect flange minimizes installation time. 
  7. Rafter mounting system has fast install mounting system. 
  8. Rooftop uses a patented vertical turbine rain hat.
  9. The rooftop comes with a cabinet surround for inside your home. 
  10. The rooftop comes with an attractive chimney look for your roof. 

Many of these features have patents pending. The rooftop is one. The hanging system is another.

Here is the rooftop before installation – the motor, blade and damper are all inside the throat under the very effective turbine rain hat


Here is the heart of the 3800 CFM system – A high performance EC motor (ECM)  by USMotors with infinite speeds from low to high and the electric power used is nearly perfectly variable also so running at low speed is very low power – 50 watts for all night operation. The blade is by Multi-Wing in Ohio – the best blade in this business. 

Here is a list of very pleased customers. For more information on testimonials go to this page –

Here is the home of the first couple to buy the rooftop mounted whole house fan. As you can see, this beautiful mid century modern home has no attic.