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Get The Best Air Flow in America AND a Rooftop for homes with no attic

Thorwaldson Whole House Fan Company supplies fans all over the world. We have clients in Australia and all over America

Kurt Shafer here, a whole house fan inventor since 2008. I was manufacturing fans in my shop in Temecula but I am now getting my fans built by the best source in America – Airscape in Oregon.  And I am offering an upgrade from Tamarack – TamTech upgrades their fan so it is now the highest performance rafter mount in America. How do you know? See my whole house fan newspaper,

Now you can get a rooftop mount if you have no attic!

I am now offering the best rain hat for rooftop mountd fans in the world – a design from Edmonds in Australia based on their Hurricane – You can see my Tornado rain hat here –

It fits perfectly on the Airscape fans so it also fits on the high performance VentCool 4.9 motor and blade  or the higher performance Tamarack fan.