Pool Table and entertainment center


Here is an entertainment center for sale at $600 – NO – $300 – or make offer. center is 45 inches wide by 75 hi and 27 deep, side pieces are 24 wide by 71 hi by 21 deep. Will sell each piece separately – $150 center, $75 each end. 

Below is a restored Brunswick Balke Collender table that was patented in 1911 and named the Homewood. It has sides of 1/4 sawn oak that have what many describe as angel’s wings. You can see it below. It was restored in 1985 and has all the original pieces and original markings. Each piece has the same 6 digit number stamped on it.

This table was valued at $6500 in 1990. Tables similar to this sell today for $10,000 or  more. It is in Kurt’s home in Temecula CA and is for sale. The playing surface is new felt and measures 50 inches wide and 100 inches long BETWEEN the felt bumpers. It is being offered for sale for a low $7500 or make me an offer. Don’t be shy about offering any lower price. 

I comes with a letter of authenticity from a well known appraiser, Joe Newell. Seen here – he says the sides are ribbon figured mahogany but he was in error on that. 

Joe Newell 900 w1911 patents900w BBC Plaque 900 w Bottom view 900w full table qtr sawn 900w