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Get The Best Air Flow in America AND a Rooftop for homes with no attic

Thorwaldson Whole House Fan Company supplies fans all over the world. We have clients in Australia and all over America

Kurt Shafer here, a whole house fan inventor since 2008. I was manufacturing fans in my shop in Temecula but I am now getting my fans built by the best source in America – Airscape in Oregon.  And I am offering an upgrade from Tamarack – TamTech upgrades their fan so it is now the highest performance rafter mount in America. How do you know? See my whole house fan newspaper,

Now you can get a rooftop mount if you have no attic!

I am now offering the best rain had for fans in the world – a design from Edmonds in Australia based on their Hurricane – You can see my Tornado rain hat here – It fits perfectly on the Airscape fans so it also fits on the high performance VentCool 4.9 motor and blade  or the higher performance Tamarack fan. 


You can see the best way to save on your fan here –