Update 1-31-19

This page is here to direct you to our high performance rooftop – http://thorwaldsonwholehousefans.com/rooftopwholehousefan/

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For Gary

Sir, the purpose of this page is to show you why you want to add my whole house fans to your stores.

  1. According to data, you have more stores than all except 3 stores. Your web site has no whole house fans on it.
  2. Home Depot and others sell multiple brands both on line and in their stores. https://www.homedepot.com/b/Heating-Venting-Cooling-Ventilation-Whole-House-Fans/N-5yc1vZc4kk/
  3. I am offering you a deal no other store has ever had – exclusive rights to sell my fans. I am not discussing this with any other store.
  4. This deal includes the highest performance fans on the market and the ONLY rooftop mounted whole house fan in history pulling 8000 cubic feet of air per minute (8000 CFM). See the industry overview here – Http://www.WholeHouseFanGuy.com
  5. I have been doing a lot of market research and can tell you which store locations are most likely to sell the rooftops. Specifically there are mid century modern homes built in the 50s by builders like Eichler that seem concentrated in central and southern California, Chicago and North Carolina. See

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2019 Charity Plan

Your donation DOUBLED

Effective December 28 2018 you can get 2X your donations to any school, church or charity as a discount when you purchase a whole house fan. Donate $100, get $200 off. This is good through January 2019 and will change in February. You do not need to pay for the fan until March 23, when production will begin for the year. You WILL need to pay $500 down in January to lock in your discount. The discount is limited to $1000 in January. See all the details here. 

Performance is up – prices too

The Tornado ES-6400 pulls 6,320 CFM and the new 2019 price is $2,022.
Why has the price been raised?
No other source offers you air flow so high.
No other source offers you infinitely variable speeds
No other source offers you a 16 year warranty.
No other source offers you all that air flow at only  505 watts

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